Loose Leaf and Tea Bags – The Scoop December 24 2015

What are some differences between LOOSE LEAF TEA and TEA BAGS and why do we, Too Soul, choose loose leaf tea?
Loose Leaf Tea
  • Full Leaf
  • Room to Expand
  • Fuller Aroma and Flavor
  • More Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals
  • Can decide however much you want
Tea Bags
  • Fannings and Dust
  • Less Room to Circulate
  • Less Aroma and Flavor
  • Fewer Antioxidants, and Minerals
  • Stuck with what’s in the bag

Essentially, what is in a tea bag is often the dust of what is left from rolling and preparing better tealeaves. Using the dust was a way to sell what would otherwise be discarded.


When it comes to a nice warm cup of tea or a blossoming large pitcher of delicious iced tea, Too Soul’s Teas will delight your palette year round. We offer you the ability to create a delightful brew with our loose leaf choices and since they’re loose leaf they are customizable by you in any configuration you wish by mixing different flavors and types.

Like peppermint zing or ginger razz with a black tea in the winter months? Just add a desired amount to your black tea infusion. Perfect choices to send to friends as well as anytime of year – the choice is delightfully yours. CHEERS!