Reno, NV's Favorite Tea

Teaze Infuser Decanter


Now these are interesting and functional in its design. At 8 inches tall and having a 2 cup (16 ounce) capacity this decanter is great for a desk environment. Put in your loose leaf tea (or ground coffee), pour hot water into the heat-resistant, food grade plastic decanter and when you're ready, place decanter on top of your cup.

The patented automatic release lever on the bottom of the decanter opens the flow of liquid from decanter down into your cup leaving the tea leaves in the mesh screen of the decanter - not in your cup. When you lift the decanter from your cup, the flow stops. Place decanter on it's accompanying saucer while enjoying your first cup. Replace to your cup for the second serving. Its a durable product as well and not easily broken. The glass mug in the picture is not included but a good example of what you might use. Enjoy!