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What Exactly Is Chamomile? May 08 2014

Chamomile is the name given to a variety of plants in the Aster family. A European herb, Anthemis Nobilis, the English or "Roman" chamomile has an applelike aroma and the tea for which it’s named is made from the dried flower heads of this plant.

It is commonly used to assist in sleep as chamomile has anxiolytic properties that are calming and can aid in overall relaxation. Chamomile does not contain caffeine.

Chamomile is also used in skin cosmetics as an emollient and for its anti-inflammatory effects. Though a beneficial herb because of the calming effects it has, pregnant women should not have chamomile, according to the National Institute of Health because it might cause uterine contractions unnecessarily.

Relax with this infusion on a rainy day and enjoy a good book.