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Body & Soul Line To Be Announced April 14 2017

Our new herbal line, prepared by a pharmacologist, is almost here. The Body & Soul line focuses on healthy herbals for better digestion, an adrenal boost, a sleepy tea, a slimming tea and more. All 12 of these new herbals will be available soon and in a new shaped tin too - so stay tuned! Stay Soul!

Green Tea Sale Going To End Soon March 15 2017

Our green tea sale in honor of St. Patrick's day is going to end on March 17th at midnight. All green teas and Irish Breakfast Black tea are 20% off!!

Plus, we're offering free shipping on all orders over $29.

As we move towards spring, we're happy you're with us!

Thanks from Too Soul



Valentine's Soul Collection January 27 2017

We've announced our Valentine's Soul collection for 2017! We are also now offering free shipping on all orders over $50.00 too. Well, alright! So enjoy a cup or a teapot with your special someone while enjoying free shipping.

New To Loose Leaf? It's A Cinch! December 12 2016

It's simple!

Step 1. Fill a Tea Ball, or an infuser like our Total Tea Infuser or a Tea/Coffee Press like our Bonjour Press following the simple teaspoon per ounces of water directions on each of our packages.

Step 2. Place your infuser in a mug of hot water or fill your press.

Step 3. Steep your tea in the hot water for the suggested time (usually around three minutes). Remove your infuser or press your press's mesh downward to filter the leaves from the water. You don't need to add anything but you can add sweetener, lemon, milk of whatever your preferences might be and enjoy! 

MiniFact Break! The Assam Bush November 27 2016

Did you know the Assam bush resembles more that of a tree than a bush, can grow 30 to 50 feet tall, likes 100 inches of rain a year and an average temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. In prime conditions, the Assam bush can be picked every ten days.

BLACK FRIDAY & Cyber Monday Sales November 21 2016

BLACK FRIDAY & Cyber Monday Sales have been announced!

Black Friday, November 25th, we'll have 20% off tea and coffee accessories in store, which includes gift baskets and apparel.

Cyber Monday this year, we're starting our 30% off online sales event on Wednesday November 23rd. The 30% off site-wide will continue until midnight Monday November 28th. 

Please enjoy and we look forward to being a part of your holidays!

                      Happy Holidays from Too Soul.

Holiday Favorites Soon To Arrive November 04 2016

Get ready! Soon we will unveil our newly discounted Holiday seasonal collection just in time for Christmas. We are also going to offer a cold season / winter collection that will be on sale and run through the spring. We're sure you'll enjoy! Many thanks from Too Soul Tea.

Soul Flavors Of Autumn October 01 2016

Well, we've expanded our Flavors Of Autumn Collection! This wonderful cooler weather collection now includes:

  1. Pumpkin Spice
  2. Vanilla Mint Sencha
  3. Hazelnut Black
  4. Vanilla Spice Herbal
  5. Apple Black
  6. Cinnamon Apple Black
  7. Spicy Pear Black
  8. Cinnamon Orange Spice Black
  9. Cinnamon Orange Spice Rooibos

 And, for the season, this collection is on sale! So indulge your palette. Enjoy!

Pumpkin Spice Is Here! September 20 2016

Oh, Happy Days! We have added our awesome Pumpkin Spice black tea blend to your online choices. This is another great fall and winter tea that is also now found as well in our Autumn Collection.

Enjoy it hot with a little milk and if you can make foamed milk, soy et cetera at home, make it a LATTE!

Soul Flavors of Summer June 15 2016

Yes, they are here and so is summer! We have put the Soul Flavors of Summer on sale at 20% off. These great teas on sale are:

 Enjoy these flavors in the back yard, on a road trip, when you grill out, at the lake, when you visit friends... and have a wonderful time this summer! 


Teas & Tisanes April 07 2016

Thinking about your next purchase to steep something new at home? Well, you’re thinking smartly and here is some information to consider. Do you want a pick me up, something more relaxing or even just super flavorful?  We have plenty of options from caffeinated teas, to decaffeinated teas (herbals), sometimes referred to as tisanes (pronounced ti - 'zan) and everything in between.

A tisane is a fancy word, from French, which refers to an herbal infusion and is also often referred to as “herbal tea” and is, most of the time, a beverage that is caffeine free.

The use of the word “tea’ in herbal tea allows for a bit confusion to exist, however. It has become typical that we use the word “tea” more often for anything like a plant, fruit, root or bark to be infused in water as “tea.” Similar to saying “Kleenex” for any brand of facial tissue, the word “tea” has become synonymous with what we derive when we put some sort of plant into (usually hot) water – in other words the “infusion” that results from this process.

Tea itself really comes from the tea plant, the Camellia sinensis plant, which contains caffeine, being the big behind-the-scenes difference between the a tea and a tisane.

Enjoy your next decision! Feel free to let us know how you love your "teas". Just Contact Us.

A Note About Sugar February 16 2016

Sugar can be a great in some things but we know that some folks don't need sugar in their diet or don't desire sugar in their diet but either way we wanted to write a few words on sugar. 

We do not add sugar to our teas and blends but blends with fruit added, however they may contain very small amounts of sugar derived from the fruit(s). Even our Passionfruit Mango Rooibos (yummy) doesn't scream out super sweetness, though it sounds really sweet. Some palettes used to less sugary drinks will notice that this rooibos is not too sweet, but palettes used to sugary drinks will think this rooibos is certainly not sweet enough - in this case, sweeten to taste :)

We do have, however a seasonal Holiday Blend called Santa’s Gingerbread that does have added sugar in it because the blend contains a chocolate powder.
So, a few words about sugar. If you have any questions though, feel free to Contact Us.



Oolong Tea – Your “Resolution Solution” Slimming Friend January 30 2016

Did you happen to make a resolution this year to reduce some of your unneeded extra daily calorie intake? Too Soul has a simple resolution solution. It’s easy with one of our wonderful Oolong Teas.

Pour your hot water over our premium Oolong Loose Leaf tea and watch the leaves as they expand and lighten your cup with apricot and warm colors. Oolong Tea will brighten up your sleepy afternoon, whether it's at your desk or on your way to your workout. This tea is great for helping you make beneficial small tweaks to your daily diet in a positive way.

Oolong tea can also assist in speeding up your metabolism slightly and also assists with fat oxidation, which in other words is breaking down fat in order to be used as energy.

When you Take The Time™ to indulge in a delicious cup of our great Oolong tea, with its fresh, flowery and fruity infusion, it can help keep yourself looking and feeling good and possibly assist in avoiding partaking in some afternoon sweets. Have some local, natural honey on hand for a healthy little sweetening if desired.

Additionally, by keeping a whole lemon around, scrape some lemon zest (more info on that here) into whatever manner you infuse your Oolong for an additional zing or add a ¼ teaspoon of our Citrus Peppermint Herbal for added flavor or to help sooth a sore throat.

Loose Leaf and Tea Bags – The Scoop December 24 2015

What are some differences between LOOSE LEAF TEA and TEA BAGS and why do we, Too Soul, choose loose leaf tea?
Loose Leaf Tea
  • Full Leaf
  • Room to Expand
  • Fuller Aroma and Flavor
  • More Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals
  • Can decide however much you want
Tea Bags
  • Fannings and Dust
  • Less Room to Circulate
  • Less Aroma and Flavor
  • Fewer Antioxidants, and Minerals
  • Stuck with what’s in the bag

Essentially, what is in a tea bag is often the dust of what is left from rolling and preparing better tealeaves. Using the dust was a way to sell what would otherwise be discarded.


When it comes to a nice warm cup of tea or a blossoming large pitcher of delicious iced tea, Too Soul’s Teas will delight your palette year round. We offer you the ability to create a delightful brew with our loose leaf choices and since they’re loose leaf they are customizable by you in any configuration you wish by mixing different flavors and types.

Like peppermint zing or ginger razz with a black tea in the winter months? Just add a desired amount to your black tea infusion. Perfect choices to send to friends as well as anytime of year – the choice is delightfully yours. CHEERS!

Online Gift Cards - Happy Holidays December 23 2015

Too Soul now offers online gift cards for you too send to your family an friends, which are redeemable online for anything on our site.

When you purchase and online digital gift card, the card information is emailed to the recipient of your choice. They can then simply redeem the amount of the card during checkout when they purchase their favorite teas and accessories.

It's as easy as 1, 2 3. HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Too Soul Tea.

Peace On Earth December 06 2015

We, at Too Soul, wish you…

Happy Holidays from us to you.

Think! December 05 2015

Black Friday 2015 Site-Wide Sale November 23 2015

This Thursday from 12:00 midnight through 11:59 PM on the 27th, everything across our online store will be 20% off. This includes all accessories on our teaware page.

Just use the coupon code THANKFUL at checkout and 20% will be thankfully shaved off your total. We thank you all for your purchases at and wish you joyful and safe holidays.


GIFT CARDS Online Now Available! November 20 2015

Now you can purchase a Gift Card for friends or family right online and your card and information will be emailed to the recipient with super simple instructions of how to redeem the card at checkout online. Sweet!


Gift Cards for brick and mortar shops can be purchased and used, in person at the shops. The online Gift Card doesn't work for the shops (yet:) Thank you from Too Soul.


We've Opened A New Location! October 01 2015

Too Soul Tea new location

We are pleased to let you know that we have opened another location. Located in the lobby of Airport Gardens office building at 1325 Airmotive Way, Reno, NV 89502. Very easy highway access from 395/580 at the Plumb exit. 20 seconds from the highway, plenty of parking. There's even a yellow zone in front for a quick drink pickup.  Call 775.440.1333 if you would like to order ahead.

The public lobby is very large, plenty of table seating in and out of doors. The lobby has 3 story skylights, two large water features and many, many beautiful plants. There is a couch lounge area as well for you to relax in while enjoying your drink, food item and the paper. Presently, the Airport Gardens location is open Monday through Friday 8AM until 5.

Thoughts On Russian Caravan May 14 2015

The term Russian Caravan was given to Chinese teas, oolong and keemun (Camellia sinensis) which made a thousands of mile journey by camel to Europe through Russia. The journey was months long and the teas would pick up scents, such as from fauna and campfires, along the way. Thus the name arose, Russian Caravan.

Now of course, we do not send our Russian Caravan blend via camel on this trip to get that woodsy, smokey flavor any longer so instead our blend adds the wonderful pine chip fire dried lapsing soughing, giving our Russian Caravan that smoky flavor. Woodsy assam is then added to compliment the smokiness with a floral and fauna taste. Awesome!

Recipes By Rich: Chai Tea Salmon January 15 2015


Cured or Smoked Salmon has always been a favorite in my family, especially around the Holidays or special occasions where there tends to be a beautiful platter of appetizers, cold meats and cheeses. It is almost a certainty that when I see a Salmon and Bagel plate on a brunch or breakfast menu, that is what I am going for.

You will need:
2 sheet pans - equal sized cookie sheets work best
Aluminum Foil
Plastic Wrap
Weights such as 3-4 large cans of Tomatoes or a Brick
A very sharp and thin slicing knife

This Chai Cured Salmon is incredibly simple to make, has a wonderful hint of spice from the Chai and is an elegant and versatile addition to breakfasts, brunches, lunches, appetizers and more. Get a nice fatty piece with the skin still on from your local fishmonger and tell them you'll be curing it. They will pick out a nice piece for you.

1.5 to 2 lb Fresh Salmon Fillet (I used Atlantic Salmon for this recipe)
1 cup Kosher Salt
1/2 cup Turbinado Sugar
3/4 cup Too Soul Tea Original Chai

Rinse the Fillet and pat completely dry on both sides. Overlap a cookie sheet with Aluminum Foil. Make sure you have enough to completely fold and seal the Salmon as a package when complete. Then, line the foil with Plastic Wrap.

Mix the Salt, Sugar and Chai Tea well in a bowl and then spread a medium thick layer on the Plastic Wrap and place the Salmon skin side down on the Salt cure mixture. Take the remaining mixture and pack tightly around the top side of the Salmon.

Fold the Plastic Wrap tightly around the Salmon to create a package and then do the same with the Aluminum Foil. Place the second cookie sheet on top of the Salmon and place flat on a shelf in the refrigerator. Weight the top down with a brick or several cans of tomatoes or something similarly heavy.

Cure the Salmon in the refrigerator for 48 to 72 hours.

Remove Foil and Plastic Wrap and rinse well under cool water in the sink. Gently pat completely dry. The Salmon will have developed a slightly rubbery top crust. This is easily removed with a few parallel slices with your sharp knife.

Slice the Salmon in very thin strips keeping your knife at only a very slight angle to the fish. Serve immediately.

Suggested accompaniments:
Rye bread with Creme Fraiche, Dill and a squeeze of Lemon
Bagels, Cream Cheese, Thinly Sliced Red Onion and Bagel
Scrambled Eggs and Buckwheat Pancakes
Quinoa with Lemon Zest
Pasta with Capers and Cream Sauce

Recipe conceived and happily tested by Too Soul's In-House Chef, Richard Soucie

Three Great Ways To Save December 17 2014

This December, Too Soul is offering three ways to save and you can save big! 

First, we have $3 shipping for all orders! The 3 dollar shipping option is automatically selected for you during the checking out process. It's that easy! This applies to orders up to 25 pounds.

Second, we have 25% off items in our Holiday Tea Collection. During the checkout process you type in HOLIDAY where your are asked Have a discount code? Click here to enter it . The 25% will be taken off applicable Holiday Collection items.

Thirdly, if you have an order of $65 or more, you can input the discount code JOLLY during checkout and receive $10 off your order. You can only choose one discount code per order. Coupon codes are NOT case specific.


4 New Blends Added To Our Extensive Menu December 17 2014


We have unveiled 4 new blends available now online. First up is a duo of Passionfruit blends: Passionfruit Green and Passionfruit White. Passionfruit is just one of those things that makes your day. Passionfruit Green is Young Hyson based and the Passionfruit White has the beautiful base of our lovely Shou Mei. As is often the case, depending on your mood or maybe the season, both are great hot or iced.

Another unveiling is that of our Zesty Lemon Green, which has a wonderful "ka pow" of lemon added to our Young Hyson. This blend is great to snuggle up with by the fireplace or equally great iced in accompanying you through an art festival on a warm summer's day.

Finally, a Holiday blend that is great anytime but especially on cold days, this is our organic Holiday Blend Rooibos. Since it's Rooibos, no caffeine means anytime enjoyment. It's our Rooibos with cinnamon and vanilla hints. Serves well as a stand alone brew but try a little honey and a wedge of lemon for a yummy twist.

Now you can enjoy these in the store or anywhere else. And through the month of December, use the coupon code JOLLY and $10 will come off your order of $65 or more. Happy Holidays.