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Teas & Tisanes April 07 2016

Thinking about your next purchase to steep something new at home? Well, you’re thinking smartly and here is some information to consider. Do you want a pick me up, something more relaxing or even just super flavorful?  We have plenty of options from caffeinated teas, to decaffeinated teas (herbals), sometimes referred to as tisanes (pronounced ti - 'zan) and everything in between.

A tisane is a fancy word, from French, which refers to an herbal infusion and is also often referred to as “herbal tea” and is, most of the time, a beverage that is caffeine free.

The use of the word “tea’ in herbal tea allows for a bit confusion to exist, however. It has become typical that we use the word “tea” more often for anything like a plant, fruit, root or bark to be infused in water as “tea.” Similar to saying “Kleenex” for any brand of facial tissue, the word “tea” has become synonymous with what we derive when we put some sort of plant into (usually hot) water – in other words the “infusion” that results from this process.

Tea itself really comes from the tea plant, the Camellia sinensis plant, which contains caffeine, being the big behind-the-scenes difference between the a tea and a tisane.

Enjoy your next decision! Feel free to let us know how you love your "teas". Just Contact Us.