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4 New Blends Added To Our Extensive Menu December 17 2014


We have unveiled 4 new blends available now online. First up is a duo of Passionfruit blends: Passionfruit Green and Passionfruit White. Passionfruit is just one of those things that makes your day. Passionfruit Green is Young Hyson based and the Passionfruit White has the beautiful base of our lovely Shou Mei. As is often the case, depending on your mood or maybe the season, both are great hot or iced.

Another unveiling is that of our Zesty Lemon Green, which has a wonderful "ka pow" of lemon added to our Young Hyson. This blend is great to snuggle up with by the fireplace or equally great iced in accompanying you through an art festival on a warm summer's day.

Finally, a Holiday blend that is great anytime but especially on cold days, this is our organic Holiday Blend Rooibos. Since it's Rooibos, no caffeine means anytime enjoyment. It's our Rooibos with cinnamon and vanilla hints. Serves well as a stand alone brew but try a little honey and a wedge of lemon for a yummy twist.

Now you can enjoy these in the store or anywhere else. And through the month of December, use the coupon code JOLLY and $10 will come off your order of $65 or more. Happy Holidays.