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Teas & Tisanes April 07 2016

Thinking about your next purchase to steep something new at home? Well, you’re thinking smartly and here is some information to consider. Do you want a pick me up, something more relaxing or even just super flavorful?  We have plenty of options from caffeinated teas, to decaffeinated teas (herbals), sometimes referred to as tisanes (pronounced ti - 'zan) and everything in between.

A tisane is a fancy word, from French, which refers to an herbal infusion and is also often referred to as “herbal tea” and is, most of the time, a beverage that is caffeine free.

The use of the word “tea’ in herbal tea allows for a bit confusion to exist, however. It has become typical that we use the word “tea” more often for anything like a plant, fruit, root or bark to be infused in water as “tea.” Similar to saying “Kleenex” for any brand of facial tissue, the word “tea” has become synonymous with what we derive when we put some sort of plant into (usually hot) water – in other words the “infusion” that results from this process.

Tea itself really comes from the tea plant, the Camellia sinensis plant, which contains caffeine, being the big behind-the-scenes difference between the a tea and a tisane.

Enjoy your next decision! Feel free to let us know how you love your "teas". Just Contact Us.

A Note About Sugar February 16 2016

Sugar can be a great in some things but we know that some folks don't need sugar in their diet or don't desire sugar in their diet but either way we wanted to write a few words on sugar. 

We do not add sugar to our teas and blends but blends with fruit added, however they may contain very small amounts of sugar derived from the fruit(s). Even our Passionfruit Mango Rooibos (yummy) doesn't scream out super sweetness, though it sounds really sweet. Some palettes used to less sugary drinks will notice that this rooibos is not too sweet, but palettes used to sugary drinks will think this rooibos is certainly not sweet enough - in this case, sweeten to taste :)

We do have, however a seasonal Holiday Blend called Santa’s Gingerbread that does have added sugar in it because the blend contains a chocolate powder.
So, a few words about sugar. If you have any questions though, feel free to Contact Us.



Oolong Tea – Your “Resolution Solution” Slimming Friend January 30 2016

Did you happen to make a resolution this year to reduce some of your unneeded extra daily calorie intake? Too Soul has a simple resolution solution. It’s easy with one of our wonderful Oolong Teas.

Pour your hot water over our premium Oolong Loose Leaf tea and watch the leaves as they expand and lighten your cup with apricot and warm colors. Oolong Tea will brighten up your sleepy afternoon, whether it's at your desk or on your way to your workout. This tea is great for helping you make beneficial small tweaks to your daily diet in a positive way.

Oolong tea can also assist in speeding up your metabolism slightly and also assists with fat oxidation, which in other words is breaking down fat in order to be used as energy.

When you Take The Time™ to indulge in a delicious cup of our great Oolong tea, with its fresh, flowery and fruity infusion, it can help keep yourself looking and feeling good and possibly assist in avoiding partaking in some afternoon sweets. Have some local, natural honey on hand for a healthy little sweetening if desired.

Additionally, by keeping a whole lemon around, scrape some lemon zest (more info on that here) into whatever manner you infuse your Oolong for an additional zing or add a ¼ teaspoon of our Citrus Peppermint Herbal for added flavor or to help sooth a sore throat.