New To Loose Leaf? Learn our tricks! December 12 2016

It's simple!

Step 1. Fill a Tea Ball, or an infuser like our Total Tea Infuser or a Tea/Coffee Press like our Bonjour Press following the simple teaspoon per ounces of water directions on each of our packages.

Step 2. Place your infuser in a mug of hot water or fill your press.

Step 3. Steep your tea in the hot water for the suggested time (usually around three minutes). Remove your infuser or press your press's mesh downward to filter the leaves from the water. You don't need to add anything but you can add sweetener, lemon, milk of whatever your preferences might be and enjoy! 

We use a tablespoon per 16oz of water! For iced tea you are going to brew it using the same amount of tea leaves but half the amount of water and then pour over ice.